Black + White #2 of 5

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Hello Friends, I’m back in the game after a dreamy family adventure to the snow followed by a slightly less fun adventure being sick on my couch for two days.

I thought I’d pick back up on this Black + White Challenge where I left off.  That is, after having completely ignored it after one post.

There are many reasons to select Black + White for an image.  Sometimes it is because there are strong graphic elements in the composition that are emphasized by the contrast of the stark tones.  Other times it contributes to a timeless feel.  If I’m being totally honest, there are times when B +W simply hides a multitude of flaws such as awful color temperature or exposure.  Many times though, it is utilized to remove the distraction of color in favor of a stark portrayal of a moment in time.

In this image, the Black + White strips away the distraction of her clothing and environmental color, the lack of styling, and the ho hum background.  What is seen here instead?  A little girl falling in love with making pictures of her world.  She and I are a reflection of each other here.  That is what I wanted to remember about this moment.  I wanted that “forever” feeling when I look back at this image in ten years. What will she be then?  Anything she wants of course.  But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there is a secret place in my heart that hopes she’ll be doing the same thing she’s doing here in this captured moment.

Have a great weekend y’all!


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