Jourdan Photo was born after a big move from Southern California to Portland, Oregon and a whole lot of soul searching. The path ahead was open for interpretation and ripe for the chasing down of an endeavor that originally took shape the first time I held my grandfather’s camera as a kid. It was the snick of the shutter click on that old Besler Topcon that snared my heart and started wheels turning in my head. My very first crush was on that magical mechanical box. The way I could frame little pieces of the world for safekeeping, for creative expression, for the fun of it. The camera became a tool for me to define and interpret my world. Many years were spent creating artistically through this medium.

After our relocation, my relationship with photography evolved to become a career. Jourdan Photo was officially founded in 2013. It feels as though it was always meant to be this way. I’m so grateful I chose this path. I’m so grateful that I get to take some of my favorite people along with me.   To apply vision, critical thinking, and a little fairy dust to make downright gorgeous images is exactly what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Up to now, much of this has been about the story of me & my camera though Jourdan is really a “we” venture. My partner in all things is Damon, often referred to as “this guy” in social media posts. Yes, we’re married, so he doesn’t have much choice. Lucky for this little business, he’s great at styling, assisting, location hunting, connecting with people, and generally letting me boss him around without too much eye-rolling. Our talents complement each other to make Jourdan Photo the growing photography studio we intended it to be.

Whatever your photographic needs, whatever the project, we apply ourselves fully to the task of solving the puzzle of capturing the character of the subject matter. We delve into memory, reverie and light to create portraits of people, products, and places. Bringing together the elements of location, light, styling, and of course mad technical prowess, our goal is always to deliver images that meet and exceed your expectations.

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